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Long Live the Empire!
Byzantium is an Albion based guild on Uthgard, a private Dark Age of Camelot (DAoC) server. Having fun and enjoying each others' company are our primary goals. We strive to be laid back and treat DAoC as a game, rather than a lifestyle. Guild members are expected to treat each other, as well as their fellow realm mates, with respect. Our playstyle focus is realm-versus-realm (RvR) combat, although we accept members of any level, regardless of whether he or she has previous DAoC experience. Feel free to view our forums, and contact either Ilios or Mileena should you have interest in joining.
Guild News

Roster Changes

IliosUth, Jan 27, 11 11:58 PM.
I cleaned out the guild roster of inactive members. If your alt was removed it was because there was no guild note that it was an alt of your main character. Please just message a guild officer and we'll reinvite, then be sure to add the name of your main character to the alt's guild note using the command /gc noteself.

Guild Ventrilo

IliosUth, Jan 22, 11 5:02 PM.
We now have Ventrilo for the guild! Please visit the War Council sub-forum to get the required information.

Tajendi 1

IliosUth, Jan 5, 11 5:29 PM.
Members, please post on the member forum (The Barracks) the name, class, and level of your characters who need to do Tajendi 1 for the cloak and token. I'll setup multiple guild groups as needed so we can get everyone through there.

Wizard's Sleeve!

IliosUth, Dec 25, 10 5:38 PM.
The Ultimate Wizard's Guide from the Ultimate Wizard (me, of course) is now available.

Armsman Guide

IliosUth, Dec 22, 10 12:14 PM.
I've written another guide for your education, this time on playing an Armsman. Check it out!

New Class Guides

IliosUth, Dec 21, 10 2:07 AM.
Check out The War Council Forum to see spec guides for both thrust and slash infiltrators. A very detailed and lengthy Paladin guide has also been written by me.  More guides will be coming soon.

New Events

Mileena Blade, Dec 20, 10 10:54 AM.
Ok now that we have the website we can all be on the same page that being said, Id love to hear some idea's about raiding,rvr,farming for guild,etc,etc... ( DARTMOOR would probably be a good place to start )

It's Finally Here!!!

IliosUth, Dec 19, 10 10:14 AM.

I stayed up all night and finally got the website up and running! There are still a few kinks to get worked out, but the forums and main page are up and running. I hope to get all members added soon, and I'll get to work on the private forums soon.

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